I like to keep things light during a lesson, but if you need a little push to break you out of your shell, or to get you ready for an audition, show, recording session, or tour, I WILL help you achieve your goals!

I will always work on a level that is best for YOU.

I care about each and every client, and I make their dream my dream too. Together we will set goals and create a plan designed specifically for you.


Lori Amador (310) 746-6114

Lessons always start with basic warm-ups and  stretching to help you relax, followed by a little Q&A. If you're planning on touring we will also put together a vocal workout plan that you can take with you on the road to keep your voice strong and healthy.


What we work on depends on your skill level, comfort level, and your goals. Every client is different, so my approach with each client varies.